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1. Prevention

The Bilgrav School Inc is committed to using its educational, counseling, and in-service training programs to reinforce the expectation of an environment free of harassment of any kind. Sexual harassment or harassment based on race, color, religion, or national origins are prohibited by law and contradictory to the school’s mission. The Bilgrav School, Inc. will not tolerate conduct that it considers to be harassment, coercion, or that is unreasonably disruptive to another person’s life. Examples of such types of behaviors include the following: physical or mental abuse; ethnic, racial, religious or sexual slurs or graffiti; requests for sexual favors; unwelcome sexual comments or advances; and/or taunting/teasing.

2. Reporting

Reporting Misconduct by Instructional Personnel and Administrators All employees and administrators have an obligation to report misconduct by instructional personnel and school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student. Examples of misconduct include obscene language, drug and alcohol use, disparaging comments, prejudice or bigotry, sexual innuendo, cheating or testing violations, physical aggression, and accepting or offering favors. Reports of misconduct of employees should be made to Hunter Patterson. Reports of misconduct committed by administrators should be made to Chair of the Board Veronica Bauer.

Legally sufficient allegations of misconduct by Florida certified educators will be reported to the Office of Professional Practices Services. Policies and procedures for reporting misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators which affects the health, safety, or welfare of a student are posted in the school to the immediate right of the elevator doors on the second floor.

3. Intervention

Should an instance of harassment occur, The Bilgrav School, Inc. is committed to acting to prevent future recurrences. Any school employee found to have engaged in harassment is subject to interventions to be determined by the Director of Operations, Hunter Patterson, which may include but are not necessarily limited to, restrictions and compulsory counseling. Such employees are also subject to sanctions up to and including immediate termination of employment. Employees who continue to practice harassment despite interventions will be dismissed.

Any student who engages in sexual harassment is subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including immediate expulsion. Students who continue to practice harassment despite disciplinary measures and/or counseling will be suspended, expelled, or refused re-enrollment for the following year.

4. Investigation

Any allegation that a Bilgrav School faculty member or student has harassed another Bilgrav employee or student will be investigated by Director of Operations, Hunter Patterson, and such other staff members as he or she shall designate to assist. The Director of Operations, Hunter Patterson, shall be responsible for rendering a final decision and communicating with the Board Chairperson as to the findings of the investigation and for determining what action, if any, shall be taken. Upon completion of the investigation, a written report detailing the findings of the investigation and outlining actions to be taken shall be placed in a permanent confidential file for review by the Head of School and the Board Chairperson.